Robert Farago Misrepresented the Source and Content of Linoge’s “graphics matter”

The “graphical representation” blog series I currently maintain used to be known as “graphics matter”, and it documented how various pieces of anti-rights propaganda are not only wholly wrong, they are actually almost the opposite of what is currently going on. Back on 07JUN11, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership took my image, reposted it on their Facebook feed without attribution or any indication of where it came from, and misrepresented it as “proof” that the Brady Act and various other gun-rights-restricting laws “worked”. Obviously, this is not the case, as we discussed in the source post for that image, but the anti-rights advocates were never ones to let little things like “facts” get in the way of their propaganda.

Unfortunately, neither was Robert Farago. He happily reposted the image the Brady Campaign had stolen with the same exact tag-line, to quote “Gun deaths plummet after the Brady Law and Assault Weapons Ban are passed”. And, just like the Brady Campaign, he did so without a link back to my site, without a link back to the post the image came from, and without even mentioning where the image was from. Apparently Robert has no problems carrying the water of those who would deprive us of our Constitutionally-protected rights.

I left a comment clarifying what the graphic actually showed and calling Robert on the carpet for not only misrepresenting my work, but also failing to provide any attribution or mention of where it came from. Unsurprisingly, Robert edited my comment to remove my criticisms of him and then proceeded to completely miss the point of citations for internet purposes.

Make no mistake, I tried to make it as easy as possible for people to figure out where the image came from – there was a very clear ” ©” on the side of the image in a location that would make it almost impossible (or, at least, obvious) to remove, and if the old site were still running, searching for the keywords on the graphic would point you to the origination post pretty quickly. But Robert – one of those supposed “authorized journalists” of our time – could not be bothered to adequately research the material he was not only not-really discussing, but reposting with a blatantly specious misrepresentation of the material. I really do not care that he put up a copy of my image, after all, I pretty much say people are welcome to do so; I care that he did not even bother so much as to link back to my site, indicate that the graphic was not the product of the Brady Campaign (any paltry attempts-and-fails at citations came after or during our email conversation), or attempt to correct the malicious hijacking of the message by malicious propagandists who obviously did not understand the graphic they were looking at.

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