Robert Farago Infringed on Weer’d Beard’s Copyright

Robert Farago's Copyright Violation (Weer'd Beard)And just to cap off Robert’s long-standing lie of not stealing other bloggers’ material, on 29NOV11, Robert Farago posted “TTAG to Weer’d Beard: We’re Sorry” which most definitely was not an apology, nor was it without its own instance of copyright infringement – right at the top of the post was nothing more than Weer’d Beard’s header image, which was graciously provided to Weer’d by Bluesun. Neither Weer’d nor Bluesun gave permission to Robert to use the image, and when Weer’d reminded Robert of that simple fact, the latter’s response was, once again, to fall back on a blatant misrepresentation of the concept of “fair use”.

The image was not discussed in the post; it was not even relevant to the post, and barely amounted to anything more than filler, and, as such, probably did not fall within the bounds of “fair use”. Instead, it was nothing more than a not-so-subtle “screw you” to Weer’d and the rest of us who attempt to comport ourselves in a mature, respectful fashion… unlike Robert.

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