Robert Farago Got the “Blacklist” He Wanted

On an amusing note, Robert Farago apparently never learned the admonition that one should be careful what one asks for. A good while back, a small number of us gunbloggers put our heads together and compared notes and realized that (A) we all had somewhat similar opinions about Robert, TTAG, and the behavior he was exhibiting there, and (2) had absolutely no reason, inclination, or desire to link back there ever again, just for the sake of not appearing to support his idiocy. It was kind of one of those “Ahah!” moments when you realize that, in fact, you are not the only person to have noticed that the sky is blue or something like that.

In any case, when Chris from AK threw out the idea that we should boycott anti-rights weblogs in their entirety, Weer’d figured we should go ahead and include The Truth About Guns and at least be consistent on that front. Eventually, Robert found out about this communal denying him of link traffic, and… well… went off the deep end. It was a conspiracy! We were being mean to him! We owed him links! It is just not FAIR! And so forth.

The sad thing was that it was just a group of likeminded folks reaching a similar conclusion in their own way, and then realizing they were not alone.

But, hey, now that you mention a blacklist, Robert, maybe we should make one. What do you say?

Yes, that is, indeed, a listing of every firearm-related weblog the authors of that particular site could find, and then a few more… well, every firearm-related weblog except The Truth About Guns, which you will find is notably lacking from that site’s list. I guess you got what you wanted after all, eh, Robert?

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