Dan Zimmerman Infringed on Tamara Keel’s Copyright

Dan Zimmerman's Copyright Violation (Tamara Keel)Then, on 16AUG11, Dan Zimmerman published a post on TTAG called, “Safety Tip: Remember Your Chamber Checks. Always.” This time, the offense was arguably “better”, if such a thing can actually be said – Dan made some comments about the importance of chamber-checking firearms you pick up, commented on the value of Tam’s personal experiences with the same, even went so far as to flatter Tam… right before he copy-pasted an entire ten-paragraph post of hers.

Unfortunately, this CTRL+A / CTRL+C / CTRL+V behavior for Robert and his underlings is not terribly surprising; what is amusing, however, is Robert’s reaction to being called out about it. In the comment thread of a post we will discuss later, Robert stated on 19AUG11, and I quote:

Seriously, if I/we get it wrong—sorry “when” I/we get it wrong, ping me atguntruth@me.com. I will respond STAT, fully aware of the likelihood that I’ve made a mistake. And making the changes that need making.

Just a few hours later, Tam says:

No need to go that far back. Tuesday they copypasta’ed an entire 10-paragraph post of mine. (One long enough that I’d have to shave some words if I wanted to mail it to Kathy in exchange for a check.)

That’s just bad form.

And just a few hours after that, Robert states:

For the record, we do not lift entire posts. We cut and paste paragraphs with analysis and ALWAYS link to the original source. We have never received a single complaint in that regard. If you have one, ping guntruth@me.com.

Robert later claims that he was “not aware of this post” (the one with the 10-paragraph-whole-post-copy-paste), and proceeded to remove it from the public view of the site, though the link still obvious works. However, even if he is being honest about not being “aware” of the post in question, the simple truth is that Robert, himself, “lift(ed) (an) entire post” from Tam once before, which makes his “for the record” comment nothing but a bald-faced lie.


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