Dan Zimmerman Infringed on Snarky Bytes’ Copyright

Screen-Shot-2012-09-03-at-10.56.52-AMApparently Dan Zimmerman did not learn his lesson either. On 15JUN12, Dan Zimmerman wrote a post on TTAG entitled “Remington Settles 700 Trigger Suit” which featured a photograph of a stainless-and-OD-green Remington 700 on a bipod; unsurprisingly, Dan did not take this picture, neither did anyone else at TTAG. Instead, the picture was taken by Alan of Snarky Bytes, who expressed his displeasure with the theft of his image in a comment on TTAG and in a post at his site. Farago’s response to Alan’s understandable indignation again reinforces the fact that he has not learned his lesson, despite numerous people in the previous comment threads and this one explaining to him exactly why his misrepresentation of “fair use” is exactly that – wrong.

Screen-Shot-2012-09-03-at-4.51.33-PMPerhaps the most amusing thing of this particular incident, however, is after Alan told Robert that not linking back to the original source was both “impolite and breaks the web”, Robert claimed “If we could embed a link we would.” (Screen capture of email is property of Alan, and is used with permission.)

For those unfamiliar, Robert Farago is, indeed, the lead editor of The Truth About Guns and was previously the lead editor of The Truth About Cars, along with previously blogging at Autoblog and Jalopnik. I find it remarkably difficult to believe that neither he nor anyone else on his staff can figure out how to use HTML in order to embed a link back to the original sources of the pictures he and his employees steal from other people. In fact, if one did not know better, one would almost think that was an outright, blatant lie.


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